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SEO Terms — 13

Semantic core

Semantic core – group of the target phrases, words, different word-forms most accurately determining the direction of the website. This base is determined for the subsequent promotion. Building a semantic kernel — the first step in the promotion of resource

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Website optimization is a complex of actions for promotion of your website to the top positions in the search results. The optimization process includes the following steps:

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SEO Effect

Improved SEO ranks of the site in the process of any action called as SEO effect.

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SEO link

SEO links called links, which are placed specifically to influence the search results, thus often are not helpful to site visitors.

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SEO Ranks

SEO ranks - any rankings, for example, the PageRank for the search engines Google, CY for Yandex, it can also be Alexa rank etc.

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SERM (search engine reputation management) – a set of measures with the use of search engine optimization tools that allow you to improve reputation.

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SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is list of sites sorted in descending order of relevance of the query and the corresponding document (site, page).

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The sites for people posted information that may be interesting and useful for the Internet users. SFP characterizied the following features:

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Single-pixel links

Single-pixel links, links, visual image which is placed in one pixel.

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Sitemap is a special XML file that contains information for crawlers or robots of different search engines. It includes data about the website that allow the algorithms of the search engines to locate the pages, frequency of updates, time updates and their importance relative to other websitepages. Which in turn allows for any popular search engines to adequately index the website.

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