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Semantic core term explained

Semantic core – group of the target phrases, words, different word-forms most accurately determining the direction of the website. This base is determined for the subsequent promotion. Building a semantic kernel — the first step in the promotion of resource

When compiling kernel you need to consider the following factors:

  • The frequency of a particular query (the number of queries per month);
  • Impressions only one keyword without different word-forms;
  • The relevance of certain pages;
  • Competitive requests;
  • The cost to promote a particular query;
  • Seasonality of a specific request;
  • Geographical dependence of the query.

The main purpose of compiling the kernel is no longer competent and deliberate promotion. By made up of core queries, you can determine the approximate cost of promotion of the resource and the estimated time in which the page will be on TOP for your chosen keywords.

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