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This element determines the relationship between 2 elements the current document (as a base) and a file that maintains a certain link. It is necessary for the browser to understand how to use the plug-in document. 

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The measure of similarity of two texts. Usually used in SEO to the search query and the document issued on the request in the results of search engines. For example, "the search engine gave irrelevant documents or incorrectly determined to be relevant to my request page". In the General case, the relevance is computed by the formula:

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Response time

Response time in computer systems is the maximum size time-out between user action and reaction of the computer system. Originally under the time of the hail was understood to be the maximum interval of time between the acts of the interaction between the operator or external hardware real-time system. Such systems were obliged to respond to any control signals, if this does not happen, the system is excluded from the category of real-time systems.

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Rewrite is called the process of re-writing  of the text, when changing the form of the text, but the essence remains unchanged. Useful of rewriting in SEO that readers don't see the change text, and search bots can see taking rewriting for unique content.

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Robots.txt – a text file, the main task of which is restricting access for search engine bots to the content of the site. For quick and correct indexing of your site, you need to understand how to configure robots.txt. In the file write down specific instructions, which specify what to index, and unnecessary. The main problems robots.txt this:

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RSS is a text file with the data of your website or blog submitted in the XML format. It is displayed when connected to the appropriate channel (subscribe to channel) in a special program, or directly in the browser. The material comes in chronological order. Show announcements and externally RSS feed is a little different from the main blog page.

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Filter by Google applied for young sites. The sites in the domain zone .RU do not fall in the sand, may the reason is not in the domain zone, but in the site russian language.

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Scroll Depth

Scroll Depth — is the number of visited pages within a session, one of the most important behavioral factors to calculate the relevance of a resource for key words and important indicator of the quality of the resource. The Analytics services, there is another interpretation of what the depth of view is the average of all visitors to the project, which is calculated according to the formula: total number of hits/number of visits.

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Search Engine

SE (Search engine) - this is a service that helps to search information in the Internet.

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Search operators

The query language is a language with which to carry out queries to search engines, database or other information systems. At the moment these languages a lot. All of them are substantially different and designed for automation of various processes. Optimizers are interested in their application to information retrieval.

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