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SEO Terms — 14


SMM is Social Media Marketing, the process of attracting the attention of users and potential buyers to products through advertising on social platforms. Social media marketing involves a set of measures for the promotion and solution of other business goals through social media.

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SMO is the optimization of media content for social networks. The term comes from the acronym Social Media Optimization. SMO is used when carrying out works aimed at the increase in traffic from the social networking gods and other sites of mass use.

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When searching in any search engine the results are shown in the form of titles, descriptions and some other information with link to the found resource.

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Splog — a blog created with the purpose of promoting another website, often copying previously published information. The term ubiquitous started to use in about 2005, the year he appeared in the merger of two words — spam and blog.

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SSP (Supply Side Platform) is a platform for the accumulation of an array of quantitative indicators of advertising companies to evaluate their productivity. Supply Side Platform automize sale traffic based on auction prices.

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Swapping or search engine spam is a method of SEO in which content is already indexed page is replaced by other content. As a result, making a request, and clicking on the found link, the user encounters a completely different content – optimizer needed, not for user.

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Target – the tool is to help identify a specific group of people according to criteria, goals and needs. Targeting is necessary for any kind of business activities. It allows you to select potential customers from the general mass of people, saving money.

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Tb trafficback - is reverse traffic that is not accepted by the partner program, but it can be redirected to another partern program or website.

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Title meta tag for the page name in the browser. The text is visible in search results. Also Google by title to determine relevancy.

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The number of site visitors coming from a particular source or several sources over a period of time (usually a day or month) is called website traffic. Traffic is one of the main indicators of the credibility and popularity of the resource.

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