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SEO term explained

Website optimization is a complex of actions for promotion of your website to the top positions in the search results. The optimization process includes the following steps:

  • A semantic core with the selection and implementation of keywords;
  • The content of the Internet resource content corresponding to the search queries;
  • Hyperlinks to other people's projects;
  • The study of search algorithms;
  • Analysis of contextual advertising;
  • The analysis of the benefits of the same resources.

Optimization allows you to promote website into the top positions of search engines, thus increasing popularity and attendance of the Internet resource.

Inpage optimization

In fact is the work with the content of the resource and its interface. It includes: key words, test server, the location of the unique texts, filling out the fields title, description and keywords, the appearance of menus and maps, improving the code, link pages. Some internal measures can lead to incorrect indexing of your site if it contains a lot of redirects and duplicate pages. Also, do not welcome links using complex scripts on other pages and cloaking.

Onpage optimization

The optimization techniques boil down to purchase (exchange) links. An overabundance of links can cause ban or cut-off filters of search engines, so this optimization should be consistent and balanced.

Varieties of optimization from the point of view of methods

Depending on the methods, there are several types of optimization:

  • White optimization is a set of measures to improve and update the content and usability of the site. Selection of interesting user information, user-friendly interface increase the popularity of the resource and holds it in the list of SERP. This way to optimize the site is considered to be the most effective, natural and correct, because it uses only approved search engines and methods aimed at improving directly the Internet resource, and not cheating the search engines. However, this method is more costly, often for the white optimization requires purchase of unique content, additional payment for the services of web designers and programmers;
  • Grey optimization uses theoretically permitted methods of promotion. It is often used by companies that provide services for SEO. The main feature is an intensive purchase links on the promoted website and selective optimization of individual pages;
  • Black optimization is prohibited manipulation (fraud) by the algorithms of search engines by using illegal methods. These include doorway pages, cloaking and spam. Black optimization creates the risk of getting website banned or cut off by the filters of search engines.
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