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SEO link term explained

SEO links called links, which are placed specifically to influence the search results, thus often are not helpful to site visitors.

The term SEO link, mainly used by search engines to indicate their relationship to some methods of promotion. SEOs are the same links think are normal, but do not deny that they are placed to get SEO effect.

Clearly identifying what properties/parameters must have a link to it took for spamming the search engines do not give. But it may be the following factors:

  • Links purchased through the exchange. If you talk about it the representatives of the search engines, then surely they track the fact of buying links on the exchange, have a database of sites that sell links;
  • Links from unmoderated resources. The ability to link anyone from anyone seriously hinders the search engines to reliably determine the credibility of websites. These links at least do not affect search engine rankings from Google, as a maximum - harm promotion;
  • Links set in spam directories. Catalogs designed specifically for the placement of links are classified as search spam directories, and links to them are classified by search as SEO links.

It is also worth to pay attention to the anchor text, otherwise also posted links to sites and many other factors. Probably not all the signs of SEO links. Not all links are equally useful. The Panda algorithm and Google lowers the ranking of sites that use to promote SEO links.

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