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Sitemap.xml term explained

Sitemap is a special XML file that contains information for crawlers or robots of different search engines. It includes data about the website that allow the algorithms of the search engines to locate the pages, frequency of updates, time updates and their importance relative to other websitepages. Which in turn allows for any popular search engines to adequately index the website.

Unfortunately, the use of Sitemap, does not guarantee that the site will be indexed, but allows you to be able to optimize its scan before indexing. Therefore, sitemap can be used as an additional securing method of optimization strategy of website promotion in search engines. And since the algorithms of search robots are quite complex and continue to evolve, Sitemap allows to avoid in most cases, errors in the accuracy of site indexing.

Organization file Sitemap

Sitemaps has the XML extension and contains a list of url-addresses (URLS) of the web site along with the metadata that is attached to certain URLs of the website.This is usually data about:

  • Date of the last change;
  • Frequency changes;
  • Priority of the information.

To improve the organization of work, it is recommended to place according to the following rules:

  • Place sitemap the file needed in the root directory;
  • Links from the file must be in the same domain;
  • Links from the file must be in the same directory and a subdirectory;
  • Link from the file should use the same protocol.
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