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RSS term explained

RSS is a text file with the data of your website or blog submitted in the XML format. It is displayed when connected to the appropriate channel (subscribe to channel) in a special program, or directly in the browser. The material comes in chronological order. Show announcements and externally RSS feed is a little different from the main blog page.

Subscribe to this channel does not take much time — if you have the opportunity to have a site, just click on the link and then can at any time view tape contents in a new browser window or the window of a special program.

Subscribe to RSS feeds allows you to create your own news feed from all the studied resources.

After publication of article blogger or news, subscribers receive a notification in the form of the announcement, one of the following ways:

  • By e-mail. For subscription in this way will need to enter address and confirm, having made the transition to the link sent in the email;
  • The tool in the browser, most of which include a simple RSS reader. In this case, you can view the news directly in a new tab;
  • There are special Autonomous programs and services, such as Yandex.Tape;
  • Users who have an account on this social network have the opportunity of watching the news after you subscribe to the appropriate news group or a specific user.
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