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SEO Terms — 11


Outlink or external link can be either incoming and outgoing. In the first case, the site refers to external resource, in the second case the external reference means that you refer to an external resource.

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Overspam rank is Numerical indicator text. Usually the term used to refer to the text content on the page, but also term use to indicate overspam keywords in anchor-list.

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PageRank or PR is a calculation algorithm that is used by Google to determine the importance and relevancy of web pages. 

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Private Blog Network (PBN) is an auxiliary, often thematic sites, which provides direct assistance in the promotion or quick monetization of your primary resource. For greater efficiency, such sites create several, building a network of private blogs.

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Phishing, the illegal gathering of confidential information about the user computer (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

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Ping in SEO is a request about the content update used to specify third-party resources. Usually, these third-party resources are search engines.

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Penguin is the name of the anti-spam algorithm from Google, which filtering sites. Decrease positions in search results pages of sites which actively using spam techniques of promotion.

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The plugin or module is an optional small part of the program, which, when added to the main program, website or game can significantly enhance its capabilities.

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PPA (pay per action) – the method of payment for the visitor, which appeared on the advertiser's site through the transition of ongoing contextual advertising. Payment is not to go to the website, and for specific target action. Also known as CPA (cost per action cost per action).

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Sorting search results in accordance by descending order of relevancy  with the descending order of relevancy of documents in the query called search ranking.

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