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Rel term explained

This element determines the relationship between 2 elements the current document (as a base) and a file that maintains a certain link. It is necessary for the browser to understand how to use the plug-in document. 

The attribute syntax is as follows:

  • <link rel="type">
  • <a rel="line"></a>

With an attribute you can use the following types of values:

  • alternate — refers to the alternative use to specify a link to a file (XML format) describing any announcement or news feed;
  • stylesheet — the plug-in file stored the style sheet.
  • The string takes the following variations:
  • appendix — page (Annex) for a set of pages;
  • alternate — an alternative view of the current document;
  • glossary — a dictionary created on the page.
  • bookmark — bookmark;
  • copyright — notice informing about the copyright;
  • chapter — a link to the page which comes as a separate Chapter in the collection of documents;
  • sidebar — the link to the bookmarks bar (work only with Opera and Firefox);
  • next — the next document in the sequence;
  • nofollow — informs search engine that the document does not affect the page ranking of the document where the link leads;
  • subsection — the subsection for a set of pages;
  • stylesheet — an external style sheet;
  • prev — go to previous page.
  • section — page, which is a section for a set of other pages;
  • contents — the link opens the document (contents);
  • shortcut Icon — a link to the label;
  • help — the help option on the page.
  • index — refers to the control that contains the index for the current;
  • start refers to the 1st document;
  • offline — link to the path location of the CDF file.
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