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Response time term explained

Response time in computer systems is the maximum size time-out between user action and reaction of the computer system. Originally under the time of the hail was understood to be the maximum interval of time between the acts of the interaction between the operator or external hardware real-time system. Such systems were obliged to respond to any control signals, if this does not happen, the system is excluded from the category of real-time systems.

During network interaction under response time refers to the time in which one element of the network segment receives the confirmation of the arrival of data packets from another element, it can be as computers and other equipment, switches, routers etc.

In the same context, we can consider the response time between the client who use the services of the database. Here is substantially the maximum time for the response to the request of use.

In today's interactive systems, which client is usually a browser, and all software located on a remote server, under the response time refers to the average time of access to the service.

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