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Search operators term explained

The query language is a language with which to carry out queries to search engines, database or other information systems. At the moment these languages a lot. All of them are substantially different and designed for automation of various processes. Optimizers are interested in their application to information retrieval.

The main goal is to improve and simplify the process of information search by the user.


  • The Googleoperator "", which allows you to search for an exact match of the entered between the quotation marks of the expression.
  • The Google OR to search for all words separated by the or operator.
  • filetype: search for specific words that are in the document of the specified type;
  • site: search for specific words on a given website;
  • movie: search videos;
  • allintitle: search for documents in the headers, which contain the specified expression;
  • allinurl: search for pages whose address is in the specified expression;
  • define: a search of the page on which the definition specified value;
  • link: find pages that link to the page with the specified address.
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