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adwords customer match
Google AdWords announced about upcoming changes in display and video advertising. Starting in January 2017, the ad group level which do not have settings, will by default appear in the CCM.
adwords remarket guide
Google announced that AdWords scripts now support the campaigns.
adwords ads
English-speaking users have noticed that Google is testing advanced block product listing ads (PLA) on the right panel.
adwords clicks
Google AdWords announced that advertisers will now be able to add a remarketing audience to the campaign level. Innovation is running in all accounts.
adwords calls
Google AdWords has announced that the call reports became available in Russia. These reports contain detailed performance statistics and allow you to see what calls lead to valuable conversions.
adwords ads
Google has released AdWords Editor 11.7. In this version several new features. Among them:
brainlabs script
The member agencies of contextual advertising Brainlabs Daniel Gilbert shared a script that is designed to fill the empty ad groups in AdWords.
lead real estate
The cost of the call with contextual advertising in real estate grew by 20% in six months. To such conclusion experts of the analytical service Calltouch, conducted a study of advertising campaigns developers in the Central region of Russia. So, in the first quarter of the cost of customer acquisition (lead) with contextual advertising was 4-4,5 thousand rubles, and in the third quarter it amounted to 5-6 thousand rubles.
yandex ad emoji
In the direct interface added the ability to copy and edit ad groups, and create new campaigns based on current.
adwords ads
Users have noticed that Google AdWords is experimenting with a new format of fast mobile ads.