Copy campaigns and ad groups in the Yandex.Direct interface

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In the direct interface added the ability to copy and edit ad groups, and create new campaigns based on current.

As reported in the official release, if you copy the saved key phrases, negative keywords, ad text, all settings assigned to the rates and adjustments, and information from a virtual business card. CTR and other statistics to copies of campaigns and groups will accumulate again after a run of shows.

Ad groups are copied within the same campaign, and campaigns within one account. Copies of the campaigns is transferred as stopped: you will first check all settings and if necessary adjust them and then run the shows. If the campaign is copied in its entirety, without making any changes to undergo moderation is not required. Copy ad groups are automatically sent for moderation: they can also be saved as drafts.

Work with copies of your ad groups and campaigns conveniently, if at the time of the action needed to create a campaign with the same key phrases and settings, but other ad text and landing pages. Or divide a large group of key phrases into smaller ones, to match them to different landing pages. And when you need to create campaigns with similar settings but different regions.

Recall that in Yandex.Direct has the opportunity of targeting ads not only to specific countries and cities, but also on the exact location of the small radius of five hundred meters and more. This opportunity became available thanks to a new type of segments from Yandex.Audience segments based on geolocation.

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