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SMM term explained

SMM is Social Media Marketing, the process of attracting the attention of users and potential buyers to products through advertising on social platforms. Social media marketing involves a set of measures for the promotion and solution of other business goals through social media.

Recommendations on social platforms have a great impact on the target audience.

The creation of a community company, reputation management, branding, promotion in the blogosphere are a variety of methods SMM. The fundamental process in this event is a constant monitoring of the dynamics of changes in public interest and contribute to the emergence of trends.

In SMM there are two strategies – explicit or implicit promotion. Effective results combined gives you are used SMM with SEO.

The following error was determined by experts as the most serious in SMM:

  • Excess content;
  • The lack of feedback from the subscribers;
  • The monotony of the content;
  • Failure to comply with ethical standards when communicating with users;
  • Violation of the laws and principles of activity;
  • Ignoring user complaints.

Support SMM covers a wide range of processes:

  • Creation and promotion of community;
  • Competitions, Raffles, stimulating people's interest and attract new members;
  • Promotion of community sites through articles, posts, related, work on forums/blogs;
  • Undertaking analytical work – monitoring, analysis, networking, creation of promotion strategy.

The benefits of SMM:

  • Minimum investment for promotion;
  • The impact on the masses (a large audience of social networks);
  • Ranking target audience according to certain parameters;
  • Long-lasting effect from the promotion in the social. media because of the gradual developments of the image.
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