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Splog term explained

Splog — a blog created with the purpose of promoting another website, often copying previously published information. The term ubiquitous started to use in about 2005, the year he appeared in the merger of two words — spam and blog.

How it works

The webmaster creates on free platforms a few blogs (sometimes hundreds) and organizes them automatically filling a variety of information which is relevant and, ideally, will cause the influx of users to the page. The content for such blogs often useless, but its generation involves automated systems that do not possess intelligence. The source of the original content may be, for example, RSS news, of which there are a sufficient number.


Like the blog sooner or later will be banned by search engines, so seriously invested in it, no. While the blog is in the results (average 2-12 months) — a blog is unlikely to have a high ranking, traffic or attendance. The main advantage of this technology not in quality, but in quantity.


The method is informal, so not recommended. However, harm to the advertised website does not work, and in the case of single use of just useless.

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