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Targeting term explained

Target – the tool is to help identify a specific group of people according to criteria, goals and needs. Targeting is necessary for any kind of business activities. It allows you to select potential customers from the general mass of people, saving money.

The types and usage of targeting

Geographic targeting

The most important so that you can narrow it down to the target audience, which is interesting to advertisers. The geography location is determined using IP address. Geographic targeting can have a wide audience and be restricted to any country. On the contrary, for advertisers, for example, are selling technology in New York, you can narrow down the location of potential buyers to a specific city – New York. Many social networks offer different resources and filters that will allow you to define the target audience according to geographical characteristics, down to neighborhood and street.

Time targeting

Allows you to adjust the display time of advertisements on certain days of the week or time range in case of installation of temporal targeting, the potential buyer will see is only set by the advertiser.

Socio-demographic targeting

Selects the audience on the following grounds:

  • Sex;
  • Age;
  • Social status;
  • Income level;
  • Education.

Behavioral targeting

The most technological method of identifying potential buyers. This form collects information on the behavioral factors of users by using cookies. For example, queries in search engines, shopping in the store, watching different video files. All the indicators are accumulated in the user profiles, based on data the advertiser may offer similar services or goods knowing that the customer is interested.


Allows you to show ads only on approved advertiser resources.

Targeting by language

Limits the appearance of advertising on the sites by language.

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