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PPA term explained

PPA (pay per action) – the method of payment for the visitor, which appeared on the advertiser's site through the transition of ongoing contextual advertising. Payment is not to go to the website, and for specific target action. Also known as CPA (cost per action cost per action).

The benefits of PPA

Payment is made by the advertiser for a specific action of the consumer on the website and not just for clicks or transitions, it unites PPA with different kinds of affiliate programs, the principles which are used in the PPA. This model gives far greater benefits, the efficacy of a specific visitor's actions are easy to measure, and these beneficial actions affect the site.

Most often the target action for which the payment is made by the advertiser are the following:

  • Registration on the website;
  • Subscribe to rss feed;
  • Purchase online;
  • Views of videos;
  • Download files and other.

First of all, the PPA is suitable for sites dealing with trading, using the Internet as a channel or medium to increase sales of goods or services. Most often such ads running online stores, travel agencies, real estate agency, construction, insurance companies, banks, service stations and car dealerships, services, the purchase and reservation of tickets, online gaming sites, the services for providing services to population and others.

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