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Ranking term explained

Sorting search results in accordance by descending order of relevancy  with the descending order of relevancy of documents in the query called search ranking.

Every search engine has a number of ranking factors which forming the general relevancy formula.

According to Yandex at the end of 2010, these factors more than 420, and the general formula is a few hundred megabytes of program code.

When Google ranking pages and trying to make search results relevant and quality expectations of the user, search engines in results can give different document types, for example: videos, images, news, a map of the area.

In search engine optimization there are terms for the text and for the link ranking. Text ranking takes internal site factors such as the occurrence of keywords in content and titles in different word forms. Link ranking only takes the anchor text of links and some additional parameters, e.g. the link juice of links for the formation of a search results.

Check how documents are ranked site for the link component can in Google using the inanchor operator, for example:

site:https://seoheronews.com inanchor:"seo hero"

To separate text component from a link in the Google search engine is quite difficult and you have to use third-party tools.

For a good ranking site for the keywords it is not enough to make it as relevant by texts and links as possible. The search system in the modern algorithms for sorting the search results takes the user-defined factors, social activity, the credibility of the resource and keyword independent factors.

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