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PageRank term explained

PageRank or PR is a calculation algorithm that is used by Google to determine the importance and relevancy of web pages. 

The PageRank indicator is calculated separately for each page, is the magnitude of its weight. The value of PR is not affected by the attendance page,and only the quantity and quality of links to other, external and internal web pages.

A value of zero PR may have recently created a web page or pages that are not linked or fallen under the ban of the search engine. The maximum value of 10 is rare (there are pages in the Internet are very few). Page may not have PR, that is, its value in a certain period is considered uncertain (n/a). This means that the search engine Google has not assigned a PR or is it a conversion before the upgrade. To get PR in range of 1 to 3, you just need to follow internal linking and create a sufficient number of pages. To achieve increased PR 5-6 is very difficult.

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