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Pinguin term explained

Penguin is the name of the anti-spam algorithm from Google, which filtering sites. Decrease positions in search results pages of sites which actively using spam techniques of promotion.

Appeared on 24 April 2012 and since then has been updated twice. The main result is a sharp decline in search traffic from Google.

The main reasons for the Penguin filter are:

  • The use of a large number of backlinks;
  • Active links to other websites (partners) to transfer to each other the Link Juice and the manipulation of search algorithms;
  • Selling links;
  • Non themed outgoing links;
  • Use in a large number of templated pages for attract search traffic and earnings by advertising).

Often the overlay filter is accompanied by a warning 

the message panel for webmasters Google. When you delete spam to speed up the removal of filter it is advisable to request the removal of the filter from site.

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