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Monetization term explained

Monetization is the process of making profit from the Internet resource.

In order to successfully monetize website, you need to make site the most popular, interesting and user friendly.

Ways of monetization

Monetization method the webmaster chooses the best estimate of attendance. The most popular and profitable ways include:

  • Contextual advertising with special services, such as Google AdSense system. The site owner places the ad units on site and earns from the clicks on these blocks. The amount of earnings with a single click is determined by the advertiser depending on the topics and attendance of the site;
  • Teaser, is placement of provocative text or illustrative blocks;
  • Banner advertising;
  • Selling links is via link exchange;
  • Paid content;
  • Affiliate programs;
  • Direct advertisers;
  • Paid services for users.
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