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Microformat term explained

Microformat is a way of marking web pages on the basis of adopted standards.

Microformats are used to markup data about the objects describe the structure and content.

Feature of microformats is to use special tags such as <span> and <div> that has the attributes class, rel, rev or title for the transmission of semantic information.

To check the semantic markup of domestic webmasters often use the validators offered by search engines.

Today, there are about a dozen of microformats used for different purposes:

  • geo — for marking out the geographical coordinates;
  • adr — for marking of contact information;
  • hAtom markup for news items and blogs;
  • rel-home — navigates to the home page of the resource;
  • hResume — for publishing a essay or summary;
  • hReview — for posting reviews about products and services;
  • rel-ecolabel — for allocation of environmental friendliness;
  • rel-directory — to inform about the affiliation links to the directory listing;
  • rel-enclosure — for allocation of uploaded files;
  • rel-payment — selection of payment mechanism.
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