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Negative SEO term explained

Negative SEO is a decrease document items in search results for certain keywords. Sites decrease automatically or manually by reason of violation of the rules of the search engines.

Lowering the sites search engines are working to make their results more useful and relevant to the search keyword of the user. The reasons for applying the filter a lot, but mostly it is the internal factors, for example over optimization and spam keywords on page. Negative SEO is different from ban, in the first case the site stand in the results but losing position. Often the result of negative SEO of the site is the filter.

Upon detection of the imposition of sanctions on the site (page), the resource owner must correct the violation and after to wait for the reindex page or contact the support service of a search engine with a request to lift the sanctions.

Negative search engine optimization is actions aimed at reduction of positions site in search results.

Search engines need to show users the most relevant information corresponding to the search query and therefore the search engines will lower the position of the overly optimized sites because they contain a lot of unnecessary information.

Each page of your site in the search index is regularly scanned by a special bot. Its task is to identify pages with high keyword density, if during the test, the robot detects that a page has overoptimize content, it assigns the ratio of the pessimization, which will continue to have a negative effect on the ranking of pages in search results.

Negative search engine optimization used by the moderators of the search engines in relation to a specific site. This happens after the third-party users send complaints of violation of the rules of this site, including optimization and participate link exchange. In that case, if the moderators of search engine confirmed the fact of violations on the site to impose sanctions.

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