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Affiliate program term explained

The desire to obtain maximum profit from creating your own website is quite natural, and one of the ways to increase the yield from a web resource can become the affiliate program.

The principle of operation of the affiliate program

Affiliate program – a form of mutually beneficial cooperation between the seller or advertiser and partners or owners of the site. The main objective with the affiliate program for the seller is reducing the cost of the company's advertising of its products. For partners or site owners in cooperation with the seller the primary goal is a side earnings or increasing yield from bнтернет created resource. To participate in the affiliate program and the person who is in no way connected with the online business.

The types of affiliate programs

In online business there are several types of affiliate programs and how they charge. Some companies pay a cash reward for customers who come from partners, others provide bonuses or perform actions aimed at the development of partner sites.

  • Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) or pay per sale. In this type of affiliate program, the affiliate receives money only in case if the customer makes any purchases on the merchant website.
  • Pay-Per-Viev (PPW) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or pay for traffic. In such affiliate programs get money for impressions or clicks for located in owned by the partner web-sites or posted links to them. This affiliate program is similar to the earnings on banners and contextual advertising. Previously widely used in online business, such affiliate programs today are relatively rare, so we can say that they go into oblivion.
  • Pay-Per-Reg (PPR) or pay for registration. Under this type of affiliate program, the money in the account will go if the user registers on the website.
  • Pay-Per-Inctall (PPI) or pay per download. The money in the account partner act in case the user loaded on гыукtablet, mobile or desktop computer, smartphone or a mobile phone application or software. 
  • Pay-Per-Action (PPA) or pay per action. This affiliate program means paying for any of the above.

To increase the yield from participation in the affiliate program, many merchants encourage the owners of Internet resources to use referral program. Attracted new partners still allow an even greater amount to increase the sale of goods or services.

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