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Assessor term explained

The expert evaluates the relevance of search results by several criteria and using a special panel to save the results, has the position of assessor search engines.

For a long time, the existence of assessors was unknown, but now information about assessors can be found in different sources, including interviews with representatives of the search engines.

Task assessor - a kind of moderation of search results, quality assessment sites and their relevance to specific queries.

Assessment is most often made by response to questions such as:

  • Whether the site is branded on request, official website or vital?
  • Dan Lee page, a comprehensive answer to the question? 
  • If the content is spam? 
  • Introduced to you on the website your credit card? 

According to unofficial data, there are only about 150 thousand queries, which work assessors. These are the most popular key phrases. In this case, tested and evaluated, the sites with top 30. There is a distinction between assessor and moderator search services. Moderators often handle user complaints and questions webmasters, the task assessor - check and evaluation sites.

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