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403 Forbidden — a server-side error, indicating that access to the resource or its fragment forbidden by the web server configuration.

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404 Not Found or the 404 error is one of the standard HTTP status code that is returned by a web server in the case that information is missing. When this error occurs, access is provided to the server, but the requested information or the page may have been not found.

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500 Internal Server Error is displayed in response to the request of any client, like search engine and browser.

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Absolute Link

The link in the address which is the full URL of the page to which it refers. Some links contain only the relative path instead of the full href attribute of the tag A.

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Abuse – complaints to the hosting provider to sites or illegal actions of webmasters. An abuse may be submitted for the following violations of the rules of use hosting:

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Registration form of the website in the search engine. Each search engine has its own addurl, where you can register the website.

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Contextual ad network from Google. Webmasters can automatically publish relevant ads in their content and to divide the profit from clicks on ads with Google.

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AdWords - an advertising network from Google, designed for advertisers, to help attract targeted visitors to your website. Most of the ads focused on the keywords and based on a payment for click. Each of the advertisers participating in the auction to seem at search results or the advertising site.

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Usually called an affiliate site that not gives the users additional useful information compared to another site of the same owner.

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Affiliate Filter

Affiliate filter is a sanction by the search system used on the affiliate websites , which in search results shows only one of the sites.

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