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The result for 4 months of development of the site is excellent. The site was developed daily, even on weekends. It was necessary to comply with the requirements of the Google Guidelines.
yandex ad emoji
Yandex.Direct Team announced about the start of the experiment on the use of additional special characters in ads.
recaptcha auto
Google improved its system of protection against robots reCAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). Now it is able to automatically distinguish users from bots without additional checks.
google autoplay ads
Google does not impose any sanctions for autoplay video ads, despite the negative attitude towards this format from users. About it told the representative of the search John Mueller on Twitter.
gmail add ons
Later this year, the mail service Gmail will be able to install add-ons. The representatives of Google said about it at the Cloud Next conference.
facebook messenger day
The Facebook Messenger team announced Messenger Day, is a new way to share their videos and photos.
gboard android gif
Google updated the app virtual keyboard Gboard for Android, adding several new features.
seo hero app
I created an SEO Hero application for mobile devices.
google update fred
Recently Google might have updated the algorithm, which processing low quality links. About it reports Search Engine Land, citing multiple reports of the foreign webmasters.
Social network VK updated its service for link shortening vk.cc by: