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Links are placed on the sites of all participants. But, there are two types of links:

  • SEO links that are deceiving the search engine;
  • Organic links.

I read on the site of one of the participants that I and Wix use SEO links. In fact, this is not so.

About Me

After the contest, most sites will be closed, but my site will continue to develop. Of course, I reserved my name in social media.

I make a good product, and I'm not going to stop after the contest:

  • According to Google, Mobile Friendly my site - 99/100;
  • My site has the best page speed, thanks to the technologies gzip, minifacation, cache, obfuscate, etc;
  • I'm the only one who created the mobile app, passed all the checks and published the applications - Amazon, Google, etc;
  • I am single who created extensions for browsers, which have already started to get visitors - Opera, Chrome.

All the links I have:

  • Social Media;
  • Outreaching.

So I registered my brand in social media, otherwise instead of me it could make the cyber-squatters. This is the norm, for this there is a project, for example - knowem. Links from social media it is are links that anyone can post. For this reason, these links do not affect the search engine.

About Wix

Wix made an extremely good site, which I really liked. I could suggest a few nuances for improving the site, but in general - I like

I do not agree with the criticism that Wix violated the rules. Indeed, Wix has posted many articles on high-quality sites. But, the articles are interesting for the users. Wix used Search Engine Marketing, not Black Hat SEO.

Wix links is:

  • Links from the Wix website;
  • Outreaching.

The result

My site is interesting for users, those I make a good product. Without buying any links throughout the contest, my site was in TOP-2 or TOP-1. The site that was above me used 301 redirects at the beginning of the contest.

I did not buy any links. But, working every day. I've got traffic and a stable audience. I made an interesting site:

  • A couple of days ago I launched the Heroes section and I already receive requests for adding to the section from people from all over the world;
  • 120-300 people visit the site every day.

Wix used Search Engine Marketing, not Black Hat SEO.

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