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Google news

google translate neuro
Google announced that the technology of neural machine translation is now used for translate Russian to English and back.
fine google
The court of appeal dismissed the appeal of the American company Google.
google feedback
The search engine optimization industry experts noticed that the form for sending feedback on the search in Google has the opportunity to add a screenshot.
google coursera
Google runs a series of courses featuring Cloud Platform on the basis of the Coursera platform.
google plugin wordpress
Google decided to stop supporting its plugin AdSense WordPress.
google image search
Google updated the messenger Allo, adding three new features: the ability to send gifs, animated Emoji, and a shortcut button to the voice assistant. The update runs on a global scale for Android devices. For iOS it will be available soon.
ga amp
Google Analytics not correctly tracks the AMP page. To such conclusion came a SEO specialist from Spain Oliveira Christian.
google code
Users of Google now will be able to make search for technical queries including a sequence of 2-3 special characters used in programming. It can be requests such as == ===, +=, etc.
google ads games
At the conference, Games Developer Conference (GDC), which runs from February 27 to March 3 in San Francisco, Google unveiled the new interactive format of the ads — gaming ads.
google page speed
Currently the average loading time of the landing page on mobile devices is 22 seconds. About this testify to the new research by Google. While 53% of mobile users leave the page if it loads longer than 3 seconds.