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SEO terms and definitions — A list

Absolute Link

The link in the address which is the full URL of the page to which it refers. Some links contain only the relative path instead of the full href attribute of the tag A.

Sample absolute links: 

<a href="http://seoheronews.com/seo-terms/">SEO Dictionary — Terms and definitions</a>

An example of relative link:

<a href="/terms">SEO Dictionary — Terms and definitions</a>

It is desirable to use absolute links rather than relative links for used by the search system of canonization, and in order to maintain links to the site in case of theft of content.

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Abuse – complaints to the hosting provider to sites or illegal actions of webmasters. An abuse may be submitted for the following violations of the rules of use hosting:

  • The failure of copyright (copy / paste, Varese);
  • Spam;
  • The presence on the site is prohibited materials, viruses.

What happens after abuse submit

A complaint or an abuse served as ordinary users, web masters and specialized services (the so-called law enforcement agencies the Internet). After receiving, the owner of the hosting needs to respond and understand the situation. If the complaint is validated, the host must resolve the problem, including refusal of service of the site.

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Registration form of the website in the search engine. Each search engine has its own addurl, where you can register the website.

Sending their websites through this form does not guarantee getting a site in the index, as there are many factors which search engines do not add resources to your base. Usually this applies to sites that violate the requirements of search engines, such as: spam resources, doorways, splay and others that do not provide value to visitors and was created for the sole purpose of manipulating search results.

To get into the search engines index it is possible and without the use addurl. It is necessary to place some links to your site from other trust and preferably frequently updated resources.

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Contextual ad network from Google. Webmasters can automatically publish relevant ads in their content and to divide the profit from clicks on ads with Google.

Google AdSense is the contextual advertising by Google. AdSense is a system that automatically places on a web sites text and image ads that are displayed depending the theme used by user queries. Payment is made as per click and per action. With the participation of AdSense webmasters also get the opportunity to offer your visitors a Google search on the site or on the Internet, allowing you to profit from viewed ads.

AdSense is very agile and automated system, types of advertising it can be as follows:

  • pay per click — advertisers pay for a click on their ad; 
  • pay per impression — the advertiser pays for impressions his ads on your site. Sites can be selected automatically based on keywords, sites, categories or demographic information;

The format of the AdSense ads can be text, graphics, animation, and video. The click-through rate (CTR) ad units can vary from 1-2% to 50-60%, depending on the theme of the site, its commercial orientation, relevance of the ads themselves.

For users of Google AdSense available such tools as:

  • Filters provide the ability to filter out irrelevant pages for some ads.
  • Selection of private ads. If Google AdSense is not able to pick up contextual ad automatically, the advertiser can choose his own.

Google AdSense is a large number of ad formats: from standard banner size 468×60 to blocks on 728×90, 160×600, 250×250 pixels and many others.

Payments from Google AdSense provide once at month, provided accrue $100. Depending on place of residence for payment system participants Google AdSense can use the services of electronic payment services Western Union, a system of Rapid or direct Bank transfers.

Today Google AdSense is one of the most extensive systems of contextual advertising, complementing the same features as Google Adwords.

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AdWords - an advertising network from Google, designed for advertisers, to help attract targeted visitors to your website. Most of the ads focused on the keywords and based on a payment for click. Each of the advertisers participating in the auction to seem at search results or the advertising site.

Pay per click in AdWords depends on the maximum bid offered by the advertiser and the quality score of the advertisement. Google is constantly expanding its range and is possible to place not only text, but also video files, on maps, online games, radio, etc.

Google AdWords is the main advertising project of the company and the main source of profit. The service provides a Training Center certification program, allowing you to learn how to work with AdWords and take exams on search advertising.

To use AdWords requires the user to have a personal account in the Google. In his absence we need to create it by registering in a valid email address.

Editorial guidelines

For a more easy interaction with the Google AdWords created special rules that facilitates the user composing the description for the web project in the advertising message and giving you the opportunity to determine the most profitable parties offer services and goods.


In Google AdWords implemented the language and geographic targeting, which allows the system user to identify potential clients in accordance with the nationality and location.

Funds management

Google AdWords are paid directly clicks on the ad, and the actual shows are not paid. The AdWords user sets their own price per click and can use automatic bidding. The budget of the ad campaign are set at the ad group level, location or user-specified key phrases.

Creating ad groups

Using the Google AdWords service, the user can combine separate ad groups. Further, in the search results, the search engine will display different options, and identify the most effective ads to impact on the target audience. More popular options for advertising ads will be displayed to visitors with greater frequency and less popular with less.


For the selection of key phrases in the Google AdWords developed a tool which has improved functionality compared to similar tools from other search advertising systems.

For greater convenience in the process of applying the Google AdWords service offers the statistical information that is updated regularly.

It also provides the list of key words from the .csv file and offers to user many other features that make working with keywords much easier and more productive.

Keyword planner tool able to sort phrases by the prevalence, history, efficiency, cost and some other performance indicators. It also provides the list of key words from the .csv file and offers to user many other features that make working with keywords much easier and more productive.

Compliance settings

For ad was will show to the most appropriate potential clients and to reduce the cost for transition (CPC) or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) and improve the profitability of the invested funds to the user of Google AdWords provided the ability to change keyword match.


Reports in the Google AdWords service created for the campaign, each ad group, keyword, or web project. Using reports the user of the AdWords system retrieves information about the current state of the campaign.


In Google AdWords there are many methods of payment – Bank transfer, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), electronic money.

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Usually called an affiliate site that not gives the users additional useful information compared to another site of the same owner.

If the search algorithms or the assessor has determined that a few websites present in the search results, are the property of one owner and provide the same information, even without repeating each other (for example, several online stores a single firm), the search engine decides which sites to show in search results for a particular query.

Such action Google SEOs called a affiliate filter.

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Affiliate Filter

Affiliate filter is a sanction by the search system used on the affiliate websites , which in search results shows only one of the sites.

Typically the filter is applied to groups of keywords. For one part of queries in search results will be show one site, on another part of the queries the other site.

Sometimes search engines filter fake sites-partners, attributing them to one owner. This happens due to the fact that the algorithm uses several factors to determine affiliate, such as:

  • the domain name; 
  • the whois data for example, telephone and name of the owner; 
  • contact details on the website (phone, address); 
  • the site structure and URLs; 
  • the content (images, product names, descriptions); 
  • hosting;

If two resources with different owners came under affiliate filter, it is necessary to analyze what factors influenced the result of the algorithm. Upon successful identification and modification site goes out of the filter automatically. However, more often and most likely, the problem can be solved only through the support search engine.

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Affiliate program

The desire to obtain maximum profit from creating your own website is quite natural, and one of the ways to increase the yield from a web resource can become the affiliate program.

The principle of operation of the affiliate program

Affiliate program – a form of mutually beneficial cooperation between the seller or advertiser and partners or owners of the site. The main objective with the affiliate program for the seller is reducing the cost of the company's advertising of its products. For partners or site owners in cooperation with the seller the primary goal is a side earnings or increasing yield from bнтернет created resource. To participate in the affiliate program and the person who is in no way connected with the online business.

The types of affiliate programs

In online business there are several types of affiliate programs and how they charge. Some companies pay a cash reward for customers who come from partners, others provide bonuses or perform actions aimed at the development of partner sites.

  • Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) or pay per sale. In this type of affiliate program, the affiliate receives money only in case if the customer makes any purchases on the merchant website.
  • Pay-Per-Viev (PPW) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or pay for traffic. In such affiliate programs get money for impressions or clicks for located in owned by the partner web-sites or posted links to them. This affiliate program is similar to the earnings on banners and contextual advertising. Previously widely used in online business, such affiliate programs today are relatively rare, so we can say that they go into oblivion.
  • Pay-Per-Reg (PPR) or pay for registration. Under this type of affiliate program, the money in the account will go if the user registers on the website.
  • Pay-Per-Inctall (PPI) or pay per download. The money in the account partner act in case the user loaded on гыукtablet, mobile or desktop computer, smartphone or a mobile phone application or software. 
  • Pay-Per-Action (PPA) or pay per action. This affiliate program means paying for any of the above.

To increase the yield from participation in the affiliate program, many merchants encourage the owners of Internet resources to use referral program. Attracted new partners still allow an even greater amount to increase the sale of goods or services.

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Alias means synonym an additional domain name that will link to the same website. Alias is the domain the website in addition to the existing name.

Examples of aliases could be: 

directory.google.com and dir.google.com

or most often it is the domain without www and with www prefix: 

www.seoheronews.com and seoheronews.com

As aliases refer to the same website, ip address and whois are the same.

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Alt tags – a text description of the contents of the graphic. It is used to enhance user experience on site. Because some users disable the display of graphics, the Alt text appears instead of pictures, let them know about the description of the object or its contents. This information is also displayed when you hover the cursor over graphical elements.

To date, opinions on the necessity of prescribing the Alt tags were divided. According to some arguments, this allows to increase the level of ranking of images and to influence the position of pages in search results. The opposition claim that Alt tags do not affect these parameters and their use is only for description of graphical objects.

Anyway, many search engines index such content, which allows you to use to promote the web pages of additional optimization techniques in the form of prescription of key words allocated to the semantic core of the site.

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The anchor text is the link text that is located between the opening and closing tags <a> and </a>. 

An example of an anchor:

<a href="https://seoheronews.com">SEO Hero New York</a>

In the above example the anchor text is the phrase SEO Hero New York. Text of links are important in SEO, as it is one of the factors that affect the ranking of website for specific keywords (contained in the anchor).

Anchors it is advisable to dilute different thematic text inside the links. All the anchors must be different in the link graph for better affect in the SERP. Also the text links it is recommended to surround about a thematic text.

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The expert evaluates the relevance of search results by several criteria and using a special panel to save the results, has the position of assessor search engines.

For a long time, the existence of assessors was unknown, but now information about assessors can be found in different sources, including interviews with representatives of the search engines.

Task assessor - a kind of moderation of search results, quality assessment sites and their relevance to specific queries.

Assessment is most often made by response to questions such as:

  • Whether the site is branded on request, official website or vital?
  • Dan Lee page, a comprehensive answer to the question? 
  • If the content is spam? 
  • Introduced to you on the website your credit card? 

According to unofficial data, there are only about 150 thousand queries, which work assessors. These are the most popular key phrases. In this case, tested and evaluated, the sites with top 30. There is a distinction between assessor and moderator search services. Moderators often handle user complaints and questions webmasters, the task assessor - check and evaluation sites.

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Authorization - checks carried out by a computer system or website to identify the user prior to receiving access rights to the system or the Internet source.

An authorized user can perform in the system, certain actions are not available to others.


User authorization in the system takes place in stages, there are two main steps authorization:

  • Authentication and identification — the user can access by using the steps according to a specific algorithm using a special system used on the website or in a computer system (passwords, personal data, secret answer etc.);
  • Checks the user request for access, after which it is either rejected or approved by the system.
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Avatar – a graphical image used in forums, games, websites, etc.

Two-dimensional graphical icons represent user.

Why use avatars

The main purpose of avatars – graphical public presentation created by the user in order to form an impression about yourself and your specific traits.

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