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AdWords term explained

AdWords - an advertising network from Google, designed for advertisers, to help attract targeted visitors to your website. Most of the ads focused on the keywords and based on a payment for click. Each of the advertisers participating in the auction to seem at search results or the advertising site.

Pay per click in AdWords depends on the maximum bid offered by the advertiser and the quality score of the advertisement. Google is constantly expanding its range and is possible to place not only text, but also video files, on maps, online games, radio, etc.

Google AdWords is the main advertising project of the company and the main source of profit. The service provides a Training Center certification program, allowing you to learn how to work with AdWords and take exams on search advertising.

To use AdWords requires the user to have a personal account in the Google. In his absence we need to create it by registering in a valid email address.

Editorial guidelines

For a more easy interaction with the Google AdWords created special rules that facilitates the user composing the description for the web project in the advertising message and giving you the opportunity to determine the most profitable parties offer services and goods.


In Google AdWords implemented the language and geographic targeting, which allows the system user to identify potential clients in accordance with the nationality and location.

Funds management

Google AdWords are paid directly clicks on the ad, and the actual shows are not paid. The AdWords user sets their own price per click and can use automatic bidding. The budget of the ad campaign are set at the ad group level, location or user-specified key phrases.

Creating ad groups

Using the Google AdWords service, the user can combine separate ad groups. Further, in the search results, the search engine will display different options, and identify the most effective ads to impact on the target audience. More popular options for advertising ads will be displayed to visitors with greater frequency and less popular with less.


For the selection of key phrases in the Google AdWords developed a tool which has improved functionality compared to similar tools from other search advertising systems.

For greater convenience in the process of applying the Google AdWords service offers the statistical information that is updated regularly.

It also provides the list of key words from the .csv file and offers to user many other features that make working with keywords much easier and more productive.

Keyword planner tool able to sort phrases by the prevalence, history, efficiency, cost and some other performance indicators. It also provides the list of key words from the .csv file and offers to user many other features that make working with keywords much easier and more productive.

Compliance settings

For ad was will show to the most appropriate potential clients and to reduce the cost for transition (CPC) or cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) and improve the profitability of the invested funds to the user of Google AdWords provided the ability to change keyword match.


Reports in the Google AdWords service created for the campaign, each ad group, keyword, or web project. Using reports the user of the AdWords system retrieves information about the current state of the campaign.


In Google AdWords there are many methods of payment – Bank transfer, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), electronic money.

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