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Affiliate Filter term explained

Affiliate filter is a sanction by the search system used on the affiliate websites , which in search results shows only one of the sites.

Typically the filter is applied to groups of keywords. For one part of queries in search results will be show one site, on another part of the queries the other site.

Sometimes search engines filter fake sites-partners, attributing them to one owner. This happens due to the fact that the algorithm uses several factors to determine affiliate, such as:

  • the domain name; 
  • the whois data for example, telephone and name of the owner; 
  • contact details on the website (phone, address); 
  • the site structure and URLs; 
  • the content (images, product names, descriptions); 
  • hosting;

If two resources with different owners came under affiliate filter, it is necessary to analyze what factors influenced the result of the algorithm. Upon successful identification and modification site goes out of the filter automatically. However, more often and most likely, the problem can be solved only through the support search engine.

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