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Google updated the core site ranking algorithm: what happened and what to do? + Opinions of experts

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Google has updated the root site ranking algorithm. The update was named Florida 2. Potentially, this is the most significant update in the last few months.What has changed and what needs to be done?

When did the algorithm update?

The Broad Core Algorithm update was fixed on March 12, 2019. Google confirmed the update of the algorithm. It is expected that the update will affect all siteson the Internet, and commissioning worldwide will be completed within a few weeks. So the update concerns the search engine core. The algorithm covers the following topics:
  • Content Manipulation. Expert analysis;
  • Manipulations with an external link site profile.
If white methods of search engine optimization were used in website promotion, then you can observe the growth of positions in the issue.

What is Broad Core Algorithm?

Google has machine learning algorithms, so that changes in search results occur in real time without the participation of experts.Google makes changes to the algorithm at least twice a day, which is about 600-700 updates per year. But all such changes are minor and do not have a massive impact on the sites and their authority.But there are also large-scale updates of the root ranking algorithm.Google:
Each day, Google usually improves your results; and some are broad changes. Last week, we released a Broad Core Algorithmupdate.
Changes in the root ranking algorithm apply to all sites and are not released as often as small kernel updates.With such updates, Google re-evaluates sites. Such updates have a significant effecton the ranking of sites in organic search results.

What happened?

In connection with the update of the root ranking algorithm by observation, the following occurred:
  • Lost positions in the top small niche information sites, which are ranked mainly due to the content;
  • Websites suffered the most in topics for which the E-AT factorplays an important role;
  • There has been a return of positions for medical sites that have suffered after updating Google Medic;
  • Sites with a toxic external reference profile have decreased;
  • Authoritative sites have risen in search results.
What is Google E-AT? E-ATmeans Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of the content.Based on the search engine documentation, the criteria for evaluating expertise, credibility and reliability are as follows:
  • Materials on important topics should be created by accredited experts and must be regularly reviewed and updated;
  • News must be created professionally according to the rules and canons of journalism, must contain facts, and also assist users in understanding events;
  • Scientific materials should be prepared by experts and be based on well-established and generally accepted scientific facts;
  • Google E-A-T author plays a key role in financial and legal materials. The author's E-A-T also plays a key role in child care and repair advice. Hobbies should also be written by experts.
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