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Practical recommendations for SEO for mobile devices

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Website adaptability affects the ranking of pages in mobile and desktop search results.

But how to optimize the site to meet the requirements of the search engine?

The following are practical tips on website optimization and answers to questions.

Use HTTP / 2

HTTP / 2.0 is an enhanced version of the HTTP protocol.

When using the HTTP / 2 protocol, the amount of transmitted data decreases and the page loading speed increases.

As a result, the HTTP / 2 protocol indirectly affects the position of the site.

There are a number of improvements in HTTP / 2.0:

  • Multiplexing is supported. Using multiplexing allows you to load static elements in parallel, as a result, the page loading speed increases;
  • Headers are transmitted in compressed form. The lag when opening the page decreases and the volume of transmitted data decreases;
  • Prioritization allows you to build a loading page of the site so that the main content is loaded at the very beginning;
  • HTTP2 is a binary protocol, which increases the speed of work on the mobile device and the site server.
mobile seo
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The basic SEO requirements
Here are the list of the most important SEO requirements that must be followed in each optimized page on the site. Requirements are also useful as a SEO guide for the developers of website, which will be optimized.
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