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bing webmaster
Typically, a main site analysis tool is tool by the number one search engine in world - Google. Tool - Google Webmaster Toosl. But, besides the basic tools to properly use a third-party-effective solutions. For example, I use Bing Webmaster Tools. After registering on the site displayed a message with general information.
website audience
I launched the site is relatively recent but now I have a very good record in attendance. It is interesting that the main audience of the site is just the same as the desired audience, attracted by the promotion of a site in the Google search engine. The site is well ranked in different regions. However, the most interesting for me the audience is in the United States of America.
image stocks
For the site I use image which find me on the special sites. I'm trying to use the legal picture. Of course a lot better if you have the designers, however, it is quite expensive. In main image only need for attract attention. No effects on search engine optimization does not have image.
image stocks
I have carefully studied the recommendations on the search for the compilation of the correct structure of the system:
seo hero opera
Previously, I have created SEO Hero an extension for Google Chrome browser.
seo hero cybersquatting
I try to register brand name SEO Hero in social networks to protect against cybersquatting. A lot of work. Not enough time to follow everything.
At the moment I'm developing an extension SEO Hero for the Opera browser.
seo hero in google
At the moment, there are many problems and goals.
seo hero school by wix
SEO Hero School is the official site of the contest SEO Hero participants from the company Wix.
seo hero serp
Just a couple of days ago, I made a serious error in the technical optimization SEO Hero site in robots.txt.