To protect SEO Hero in social networks against cybersquatting

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I try to register brand name SEO Hero in social networks to protect against cybersquatting. A lot of work. Not enough time to follow everything.

Today I came across the problem of moderation. All my records are moderated. However, there is a certain speed moderation that does not allow me to get results quickly.

So, I receive message. By e-mail.

When you upload a video, it must be reviewed first before it can be active on our site. We are currently having some problems with our moderating system that is inhibiting videos from being reviewed, so your video may display as ‘inactive’ while we work to solve the problem. We hope to have this fixed very soon, sorry for the inconvenience! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Best Regards,
Metacafe Team

Hope for better. So. Now all problem solved. Thx for administration of service.

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