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Typically, a main site analysis tool is tool by the number one search engine in world - Google. Tool - Google Webmaster Toosl. But, besides the basic tools to properly use a third-party-effective solutions. For example, I use Bing Webmaster Tools. After registering on the site displayed a message with general information.

Welcome to Bing Webmaster Tools, the place to stay in the know about how your site is performing in Bing and other search applications powered by Bing!
To get you started, here are a couple of tips how to get the most out of the Bing Webmaster Tools:
  • Should you already have one, start with submitting your Sitemap using the Submit Sitemap tool. Submitting a Sitemap is an excellent way of informing our crawler about all the pages on your website.
  • Although it can take some time before the data arrives in your account once you have verified a site, do come back to see in Reports & Data how your site is being crawled and indexed and how many times it showed up and got clicked in our search results.
  • Keep an eye on alerts we send in Message Center to inform you about issues we encounter when crawling and indexing your site.
  • When adding and verifying a site, make sure to keep your verification file (or verification tags) in place: we continue to verify ownership regularly to make sure your data is only shown its rightful owner only.
At Bing, we continue to add to the Bing Webmaster Tools as we develop new features that empower you to make more informed decisions about your site. To help us improve, we encourage you to send us your feedback and suggestions via the Feedback option that you find at the bottom of each page. Also, make sure to visit the Bing Webmaster Blog to get the latest updates.
Thanks again for joining the Bing Webmaster Tools program.
All the best from Seattle!
Bing Webmaster Team

While any problems with my website I have not noticed. The single problem is indexing by search engine Bing site with https protocol and without the protocol https. Despite the correctly formatted robots.txt file that specifies the primary domain in the an organic search engine results Bing still are the site with the protocol https protocol and and without https.

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