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SEO Hero School is the official site of the contest SEO Hero participants from the company Wix.

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Made very good! Among the participants of the contest SEO Hero Competition, I would pick my site SEO Hero and site SEO Hero School and many other sites for the successful work done by white optimization.

We was on the SERP smoothly. My website and the website from Wix walked alongside. Alternately, I was ahead of Wix site, then the site of the Wix ahead of me.

However, recently I saw a lot of bad links on the Wix website.

And the site has gone down in the search results. My website also received bad links and also fell in issue outside the top 100.

Representatives from the search engine Google claimed about no-connection bad links to bad position. However, in practice the conclusion is that the bad links influence to SERP.

seo hero school by wix
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