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Previously, I have created SEO Hero an extension for Google Chrome browser.

More about Chrome extension -

Now I am engaged in the creation of applications for the Opera browser. I tried to publish your app but received a number of comments.

Status has changed for SEO Hero by

SEO Hero ( v1.0 on Opera Current: Disapproved. Message from moderator:

  1. It is not allowed to insert response into innerHTML (append, prepend, html(), etc.). Please use:
    • parseInt/parseFloat for numbers
    • mystring.replace(/<[^>]*>?/g, ''); for strings
    • for HTML blocks
      • $("").html(html);
      • $("").html(html);
  2. If defined, the support webpage must be relevant to the extension:
  3. "Source code website" doesn't contain any source code.
  4. Chrome screenshots.
  5. Chrome video.

Didn't review main.js and popup.js.

Now I'm busy error correction.

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