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At the moment, there are many problems and goals.

One of the main goals is to create a user-friendly rating based on the data of the organic search engine of Google for SEO Hero contest participants.

In solving the problem we met with a number of problems found.

As is known, the results will be checked in New York.

More about checking - and

Create a custom URL to include parameter uule not solve the problem.

Using a server in Canada did not solve the problem of obtaining accurate results.

Google AdPreview not solve problem.


All the same, a lot of impurities in SERP (SEO Hero from New York).

At the moment, there is the solution there is purchasing the VPN server in New York and create a special platform for analytics positions.

Plan to create ratings, schedules and interesting information about the participants.

The website already is in good position for many positions in the United States.

SEO Hero - New York, United States

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