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403 term explained

403 Forbidden — a server-side error, indicating that access to the resource or its fragment forbidden by the web server configuration.


The file is prohibition via configuration web serve by next files:

  • The root file of the Web server includes directives of the prohibition and permission (apache2.conf, squid.conf, nginx.conf);
  • File .htaccess, including the conditions for the folder in which it is placed.

For example, the rule Deny from All will give a complete prohibition of access to the contents of the required directory. When the user clicks he will be denied access and showing a 403 error.

Error can occur at the fault site and the fault of the proxy server, for example, in a corporate network.


  • The site administrator should verify the correctness of the file .htaccess and, if necessary, correct the file.
  • Correct rights to the folder containing the target file.
  • To go through open or closed proxy server or using a different browser, change IP address.

403 error or forbidden

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