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500 term explained

500 Internal Server Error is displayed in response to the request of any client, like search engine and browser.


The causes of error 500 Error can be a great many, but the most common is 4.

The main causes of the 500 Error:

  • Incorrect access rights to folders and files. Most often, the server blocks the execution of scripts written in files with permissions 777. Recommended permissions for folders is 755 for scripts — 600, for other files — 644.
  • Too long script execution. Any hosting has limitations on script execution, firstly — by time. If the script does not complete within the allocated time, the program is forcibly interrupted and show an error 500 Error. Fix — upload on site only easy and quick scripts.
  • Incorrect syntax in htaccess. Any error in the strict syntax of this file will cause an error 500 Internal Server Error.
  • The script consumes too much memory. The limit on the amount of memory consumed can be removed by contacting the technical support of the hosting or change hosting company to a more loyal.

Thus, site owners need to take care of optimizing their functional pages by correct permissions and correct syntax .htaccess. If these items are OK, then the problem should be solved with the administration of the hosting, or think about the transfer of the site to another server.

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