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SEO terms and definitions — R list


Sorting search results in accordance by descending order of relevancy  with the descending order of relevancy of documents in the query called search ranking.

Every search engine has a number of ranking factors which forming the general relevancy formula.

According to Yandex at the end of 2010, these factors more than 420, and the general formula is a few hundred megabytes of program code.

When Google ranking pages and trying to make search results relevant and quality expectations of the user, search engines in results can give different document types, for example: videos, images, news, a map of the area.

In search engine optimization there are terms for the text and for the link ranking. Text ranking takes internal site factors such as the occurrence of keywords in content and titles in different word forms. Link ranking only takes the anchor text of links and some additional parameters, e.g. the link juice of links for the formation of a search results.

Check how documents are ranked site for the link component can in Google using the inanchor operator, for example:

site:https://seoheronews.com inanchor:"seo hero"

To separate text component from a link in the Google search engine is quite difficult and you have to use third-party tools.

For a good ranking site for the keywords it is not enough to make it as relevant by texts and links as possible. The search system in the modern algorithms for sorting the search results takes the user-defined factors, social activity, the credibility of the resource and keyword independent factors.

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This element determines the relationship between 2 elements the current document (as a base) and a file that maintains a certain link. It is necessary for the browser to understand how to use the plug-in document. 

The attribute syntax is as follows:

  • <link rel="type">
  • <a rel="line"></a>

With an attribute you can use the following types of values:

  • alternate — refers to the alternative use to specify a link to a file (XML format) describing any announcement or news feed;
  • stylesheet — the plug-in file stored the style sheet.
  • The string takes the following variations:
  • appendix — page (Annex) for a set of pages;
  • alternate — an alternative view of the current document;
  • glossary — a dictionary created on the page.
  • bookmark — bookmark;
  • copyright — notice informing about the copyright;
  • chapter — a link to the page which comes as a separate Chapter in the collection of documents;
  • sidebar — the link to the bookmarks bar (work only with Opera and Firefox);
  • next — the next document in the sequence;
  • nofollow — informs search engine that the document does not affect the page ranking of the document where the link leads;
  • subsection — the subsection for a set of pages;
  • stylesheet — an external style sheet;
  • prev — go to previous page.
  • section — page, which is a section for a set of other pages;
  • contents — the link opens the document (contents);
  • shortcut Icon — a link to the label;
  • help — the help option on the page.
  • index — refers to the control that contains the index for the current;
  • start refers to the 1st document;
  • offline — link to the path location of the CDF file.
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The measure of similarity of two texts. Usually used in SEO to the search query and the document issued on the request in the results of search engines. For example, "the search engine gave irrelevant documents or incorrectly determined to be relevant to my request page". In the General case, the relevance is computed by the formula:

Similarity = SUM(Wd,t * Wq,t)


  • t is the number of words in the query; 
  • SUM operator the sum over all words of the query; 
  • Wd,t is the weight of the t-th word in the document; 
  • Wq,t is the weight of the t-th word in the query.

Actually relevance in modern search engines take into account the weight of the individual passages and is a more complex formula.

To achieve maximum relevance of the text to request can only be using key words, their synonyms and word forms in the text headers and paragraphs. If one word of the query text not found in document, then we say that the document is totally irrelevant to this request.

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Response time

Response time in computer systems is the maximum size time-out between user action and reaction of the computer system. Originally under the time of the hail was understood to be the maximum interval of time between the acts of the interaction between the operator or external hardware real-time system. Such systems were obliged to respond to any control signals, if this does not happen, the system is excluded from the category of real-time systems.

During network interaction under response time refers to the time in which one element of the network segment receives the confirmation of the arrival of data packets from another element, it can be as computers and other equipment, switches, routers etc.

In the same context, we can consider the response time between the client who use the services of the database. Here is substantially the maximum time for the response to the request of use.

In today's interactive systems, which client is usually a browser, and all software located on a remote server, under the response time refers to the average time of access to the service.

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Rewrite is called the process of re-writing  of the text, when changing the form of the text, but the essence remains unchanged. Useful of rewriting in SEO that readers don't see the change text, and search bots can see taking rewriting for unique content.

Also rewriting is used to avoid copyright infringement, in this case the test original is presented in your own words.

Rewriting is used not only for text but also for any of the content (media content, HTML, headers). When optimizing a website firstly need rewriting of the pages for that they correspond to certain keywords, and only after this start website promotion with the help of external factors.

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Robots.txt – a text file, the main task of which is restricting access for search engine bots to the content of the site. For quick and correct indexing of your site, you need to understand how to configure robots.txt. In the file write down specific instructions, which specify what to index, and unnecessary. The main problems robots.txt this:

  • The prohibition or permission to the data section of the site;
  • The delay time of the robot between the loading;
  • Time (GMT) index page.

There are several non-standard commands: Allow, Crawl-deley, Clean-param:

Allow: is opposite in meaning to the Disallow directive. That is, provides access to the section of the site.

Crawl: specifies the time to delay before page loads. This is to prevent unnecessary stress on an http server, which may occur in cases of frequent download.

Clean-param: used to describe dynamic parameters on the website. This Directive saves the server from loading duplicate data and simplifies his work.

In order to connect this document is sufficient to place it within the directory site. However, in the case where there are multiple subdomains, it must be in the root of each of them. This document complements a set of standard Sitemaps.

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RSS is a text file with the data of your website or blog submitted in the XML format. It is displayed when connected to the appropriate channel (subscribe to channel) in a special program, or directly in the browser. The material comes in chronological order. Show announcements and externally RSS feed is a little different from the main blog page.

Subscribe to this channel does not take much time — if you have the opportunity to have a site, just click on the link and then can at any time view tape contents in a new browser window or the window of a special program.

Subscribe to RSS feeds allows you to create your own news feed from all the studied resources.

After publication of article blogger or news, subscribers receive a notification in the form of the announcement, one of the following ways:

  • By e-mail. For subscription in this way will need to enter address and confirm, having made the transition to the link sent in the email;
  • The tool in the browser, most of which include a simple RSS reader. In this case, you can view the news directly in a new tab;
  • There are special Autonomous programs and services, such as Yandex.Tape;
  • Users who have an account on this social network have the opportunity of watching the news after you subscribe to the appropriate news group or a specific user.
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