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facebook activity
Russian users noticed that Facebook starts targeting the visitors of the page. While not available to all.
facebook metrics
Facebook announced a number of changes that will affect the measurement of advertising effectiveness in social networks and user behavior. The main innovations:
google microdata
Google has no objection to the use of different formats of microdata on the same page. This was stated by the representative of the search Gary Illyes in response to a question on Twitter.
icq 20 years
Legendary messenger ICQ celebrated its twentieth anniversary. During these long years they've gone from desktop to multi-platform messenger, offering the full range of possibilities for communication: chats and video calls to publish stories and edit photos and video with neural networks.
okru promote
Classmates appeared a function of paid promotion posts per domestic currency — OKs. Promotional advertising allows you to promote a post to the subscribers of the group, accompanied by a preferences of the target audience: gender, age, geography and scope.
google translate
Google Translator integrated new Neural Machine Translation technology, due to which the quality of translation has improved significantly, and the app received new features.
brightlocal reviews
The company BrightLocal has shared the results of the sixth annual survey of Local Consumer Review Survey 2016.
google buys image
Last month Google bought a small startup Undecidable Labs to improve the image search. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to its sources.
google store visits
Google AdWords has launched several updates for extension prices. Among them are the following:
google apps index
Google has changed the frequency of updates of data by applications in the report "Status index" in the Search Console. About it it is reported on the page Data Anomalies service.