CPA Life Conference 2017

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On the 12th of April we are holding the fourth annual conference on Internet advertising and CPA in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

12 CPA Life - an international conference at which every year arrives top and novice affiliates, owners of large, medium and small businesses (advertisers), owners of the largest advertising companies and CPA networks in Russia, the USA, and Europe, the best specialists in the field of Internet advertising and all those who earns from the global network.

Only on this day, in the cultural capital of Russia, the leading industry experts talk about the main trends of CPA marketing and Internet advertising in 2017, the specifics of advertising on the Web during the crisis and about unusual ways of cooperation between the contractor and the customer. 2000 participants from big number of countries, will discuss current salary schemes, promotional bundles and efficient sources of traffic on the sidelines and in the outer After Party.

Some questions of the conference:

  • IT lead generation and monetization
  • How to pay only for real clients
  • How, without changing the advertising budget to attract more customers
  • Creation of selling pages and increase website conversion
  • Work with offers
  • How to work with CPA affiliate programs from A to Z
  • How to reduce the click cost and increase CTR
  • How to optimize advertising budgets in times of crisis
  • How to attract customers, if your project is not suitable for the CPA

Speakers of the conference: Sergey Khitrov (Adwad.Group), Nikita Rvachev (Facebook), Christina Szekeres (Facebook), Roman Kochanowski ( Group), Nikita Fomin (Yandex).

Don’t worry about accommodation, conference and afterparty take place in the hotel, which offers discounts of up to 40% on room reservations at the time of the Conference and After Party.

Buy a ticket at the lowest price here

Location: Russia, St. Petersburg, embankment 5/2 Pirogovskaya, hotel Saint Petersburg

Date: April 12, 2017


Organizers: CPA, with RA Adwad Group.

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