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Top SEO terms

Semantic core

Semantic core – group of the target phrases, words, different word-forms most accurately determining the direction of the website. This base is determined for the subsequent promotion. Building a semantic kernel — the first step in the promotion of resource

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Watery Text

The watery content of text shows how it is full of irrelevant words, such as prepositions, conjunctions, frequently used momentum and others do not carry any meaning of the word.

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403 Forbidden — a server-side error, indicating that access to the resource or its fragment forbidden by the web server configuration.

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Single-pixel links

Single-pixel links, links, visual image which is placed in one pixel.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics developed by Google Analytics tool for tracking user behavior on the website. Designed for webmasters and SEOs. It makes sense to convince the webmasters to promote the website is to register a Google Analytics account. Moreover, there is nothing difficult to connect to Google Analytics.

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Affiliate Filter

Affiliate filter is a sanction by the search system used on the affiliate websites , which in search results shows only one of the sites.

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An employee of the company Yandex. Often employees of Yandex call themselves yandexoid, by analogy with the word humanoid.

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The ban is off site from the search index due to the inconsistency of rules or accidental loss of the website due to the glitches of the search engine (the second is fairly rare).

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Description – the name of the meta tag containing a short description of the HTML document. Meta tag used by search engines for processing the search results.

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Absolute Link

The link in the address which is the full URL of the page to which it refers. Some links contain only the relative path instead of the full href attribute of the tag A.

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