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Top SEO terms

Watery Text

The watery content of text shows how it is full of irrelevant words, such as prepositions, conjunctions, frequently used momentum and others do not carry any meaning of the word.

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Trust Link

Trust link - a slang expression implying a link that transmits a good weight (usually index page) and thanks to which the site faster goes to the first position in the SERP. Typically trust link to as links from resources with high citation indexes.

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Semantic core

Semantic core – group of the target phrases, words, different word-forms most accurately determining the direction of the website. This base is determined for the subsequent promotion. Building a semantic kernel — the first step in the promotion of resource

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CTB (click to buy ratio) - is the ratio of a certain number of visitors to take any action on the site to the total number of visitors.

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Tb trafficback - is reverse traffic that is not accepted by the partner program, but it can be redirected to another partern program or website.

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CPS – an abbreviated acronym for Cost Per Sale. In SEO under this abbreviation refers to the advertising model when the website owner to be paying for the posted link, which was used by the user when performing a certain action. Also for term CPS, can be caleld PPS – Pay per Sale.

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Single-pixel links

Single-pixel links, links, visual image which is placed in one pixel.

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PPA (pay per action) – the method of payment for the visitor, which appeared on the advertiser's site through the transition of ongoing contextual advertising. Payment is not to go to the website, and for specific target action. Also known as CPA (cost per action cost per action).

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Overspam rank is Numerical indicator text. Usually the term used to refer to the text content on the page, but also term use to indicate overspam keywords in anchor-list.

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Black List (BL) is a list of sites the purchase of external links which lowers the position of the promoted site in search engines. 

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