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SEO terms and definitions — D list


Description – the name of the meta tag containing a short description of the HTML document. Meta tag used by search engines for processing the search results.

Meta tag when composing your HTML code page is placed in the <head> tag, that is, in the beginning of the document.


<meta name="description" content="Search Engine Optimize"/>


  • Length of the meta tag is 150 characters. Of course, you can make description and longer, but the search engine will still cut;
  • The text description should be exact occurrence of key phrases;
  • The text should more fully reflect the semantic content of the page;
  • It is necessary to write appealing user-text;

Under these rules the text descripcin will be positively perceived by the user, which will lead to lower bounce rate

In conclusion, I should add that the meta tag description should be unique for each page.

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DMP (data management platform) is a piece of software that is used to store, organize, and analyze data created for promotional marketing as a tool to determine the required target audience.

In a simple sense, the DMP is a management process maintained and systematized materials. Using the platform, you can identify and allocate the necessary segments, and it is advantageous to make the advertising. The difference between DMP and DSP (demand side platform) that are used for storage and analysis of materials, while DSP is used to actually buy advertising based on this information.

Agencies, publishers and marketers work with DMP. Agencies turn to DMP for collection and analysis of data gathered from client campaigns. And subsequently the creation of extensive and rich data sets. Today, in an attempt to take greater control over their own databases, some customers have begun the process of licensing its technologies and manage a DMP yourself. Meanwhile, an increasing number of publishers are resorting to these platforms. After all, it allows you to better understand the demand for the product, the audience reading and to benefit more as result.

The use of DMP – not only saves time, money and potential is the most profitable to play a role, this is the tool without which the contemporary marketing in the conditions of tough competition, just can't do.

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Domain name

A Domain name is the name of any site. Thanks to the domain names you can easily remember the site address.

The domain name should be characterized by the features:

  • Brevity and conciseness, it is best remembered;
  • Originality and uniqueness;
  • Should not carry any ambiguity.

behold the names are divided into:

Shared domains — domains that are used worldwide. Share on:

  • Sponsored (mobi travel);
  • Not sponsored (org, com, net);
  • Domains for Internet infrastructure (root);
  • Reserved domains (example, test);
  • Restricted (gov, int).

National domains

  • Domains of any country in Latin;
  • Domains on the national alphabet.
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Doorway is an html page generated by the optimizer with the sole purpose to redirect users to another resource.

Doorway pages are created for specific search query and the content of this site is characterized by a high density of keywords embedded in the tags of the utmost importance when ranking: the page title (<title>), headers (<h1>, <h2>), emphasis (<b>, <strong> <i>). In addition, the content almost always a redirection (redirect) that directs the user to promote the site.

But the task of the website is not only creating a quality theme traffic for your main web resource. Doorway also sends him your link juice, thus improving its search status. To optimize any website for any possible requests and to maintain the readability of the texts is impossible. Therefore, the creation of multiple doorway pages is the best way out of this situation.

All doorways are divided into black, grey and white. Black are automatically created generating special programs contain automatic forwarding to the main site and placed on free hosting. Such doorway pages are viewed by search engines as spam and sooner or later, they will be excluded from your index by means of a ban or will be pessimize. The life of a black doorway, generally short.

Gray doorway pages are created manually and are not automatically redirect. Their goal is not to create traffic and increase the reference mass promotion of website by passing it a reference to his weight. This is a full sites with readable content and with links to the main resource. But to perform their task they will be able only after the promotion, when to gain weight and achieve certain indicators.

White doorways comply with all license conditions and requirements of search engines. In fact, they are just advertising the basic website, and have original text and graphics and colorful links on the main site.

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Site down means the absence of any response from the server on which the site resides. The term means that the server was down or turned it off or overloaded with D-DOS attacks so that the server via IP address does not ping.

Most often the term refers to exactly the server. Less frequently the term refers to the position in the search engine results page.

If the site was down, you should contact the customer support of hosting company, if you are not a server administrator.

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Dumped rank

Dumped rank is a special index used by Google search to calculate the PageRank weight of a page of a web document.

While surfing on the Internet, the user begins viewing the web space with any random page. The further path on the Internet the user can continue either by clicking on the link located on this page or random page. The likelihood that people will click on the link, Google takes 0.85 on the assumption that all of the links on this page are equal. This value is constant for all subsequent transitions.

Thus the Google PageRank of a page represents only the probability that the user will be. Great PR – most likely, many users can be on this page. Little PR – alas, this document is likely to read a few. By the way, this is to some extent refutes prevailing in the environment of IT specialists stereotypes. The fact that in considering the question strictly formal, web-documents with zero PR does not exist.

The conceptual principle of counting the PageRank of this specific page summation of PR of all pages linking to a given web document. However, for the summation is taken not pure numeric values PR of the pages involved in the calculation. First, the weight of each page is equally divided by the number of all external links that are installed on it. And second, is multiplied by the same coefficient Dumped rank, because there is always the possibility that in this step, the user can interrupt the links and start surfing random pages. This is the meaning of Dumped rank. Which is why it is the default value of 0.85.

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Duplicate Content

Denotes a non-unique, already existing (copied) content. Search engines do not want to index duplicate content, for example, user friendly page for printing can be quite unfriendly for search engines.

Some sites are copying your content with others via RSS or manually, or banishing through a special synonymizer. At the moment the algorithms of search engines are quite useful and they can distinguish such content, and to assign the authorship of the original. Websites with duplicate content often fall under the filter non-unique content.

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