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HTTP term explained

HTTP is an abbreviated acronym from the English expression Hyper Text Transfer Protocol represents one of the types of information protocols that are used in web programming. This Protocol is designed to create the required high-speed exchange of data between the user, the server and the information provider.

The Protocol HTTP

The functionality of the HTTP Protocol is based on the principle of data exchange in the form of request – response.

Features HTTP

The HTTP Protocol is characterized by its high versatility because it is designed for use in the implementation of various target query and you'll be using:

  • Universal resource identifier (URI);
  • Universal resource location (URL);
  • Universal resource name (URN).

The versatility of this Protocol allows users to access to other operating Internet protocols such as:

  • Simple network protocols for the transmission of mail information, SMTP;
  • Network protocols for working with the news data — NNTP;
  • Protocols of transmission of information data with private resources for the open server FTP;
  • Protocols to access Internet documents, Gopher (Gopher), which were used to 93-year and supplanted by HTTP;
  • Protocols of the WAIS search system for the client and server date exchange.
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