SEO Hero winner will be announced on March 30

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The winner of the SEO Hero contest will be announced on March 30. This was stated by Wix in the official Twitter account.

Some sites have violated the rules, in particular so called French Team (,, etc).

SEO Hero competition is not a team competition, but the French participated as a team. If you imagine that the competition is boxing, then the French participants went into the ring for five / ten people. FSEO Hero is not a team competition.

Proofs that the French participated as a team are listed in the article SEO Hero Winner.

The greatest chances to win are SEOHero News and Gifted SEO Hero. These sites used Google Guidelines and White Hat SEO promotion techniques.

The SEOHero News project for 4 months has become an information partner for more than 14 largest largest conferences in Eastern Europe.

Gifted SEOHero invested a lot in marketing.

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